LVP Flooring

A durable, affordable, and beautiful alternative to hardwood flooring. It’s well-suited for a variety of residential and commercial applications.

Hardwood Flooring

A product manufactured from timber that is designed for use as flooring and can come in various styles, colors & cuts.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Is made of one piece of wood from top to bottom and can be used in any room that is on or above ground.

Baseboards & Baseshoe

Paired with baseboard and stained or painted to match your trim, shoe molding (also known as “base shoe”) is a small, thin strip of molding that gives your room a finished look.

Sand and Refinish

Hardwood floors typically last for the life of a home. With the wear and tear of everyday use, they will eventually need refinishing.

Demo Existing Flooring

Our workers tear down and remove unsound wood flooring elements, clean up job site debris, and make job sites safe and ready for new wood flooring construction.

Tile Flooring


Sand & Mark Concrete Slabs


Sub-floor Preparation